Diamonds are recognized to be private and easily transportable international currency.

Diamonds have many advantages as a hard asset. These include:

The ability for seamless transfer from one generation to the next

The size-to-value ratio of investment-grade diamonds is exponential

Commerce conducted in diamonds is most often a private transaction

Diamond Certificates are always in bearer form (no names are entered on Diamond Certificates)

Diamonds are considered to be private property, and as private property, most governments do not require diamond ownership to be disclosed or taxed

The most important element you need for a successful diamond investment acquisition is to execute proper due diligence to ensure the asset is:

Transactable at any major bank

Properly authenticated and/or certified

Documented properly to close at escrow

For these and other reasons, over the centuries investment-grade diamonds have earned the nickname of “stealth wealth.”

When selecting the appropriate investment-grade diamond, several factors of primary importance should be taken into consideration. Among them are:

Budget of the buyer for guidance to the suitable type of diamond (rarity, ease of liquidity, etc.)

Desired duration and purpose of investment

Investment grade diamonds become more precious and valuable over time

Buyer has the option of selecting investment grade diamonds with serial numbers

Invest with ArtéQuesta

On behalf of its clients, ArtéQuesta performs professional due diligence to ensure that the diamonds are in fact viable for trade, properly documented, and of investment quality. CEO Rayah Levy, an established and well- respected International Art Market Expert, works with a long-established and trusted team of experts to ensure every detail is correct and seamless.

Email Rayah Levy at rayah@artequesta.com and ask about engaging the professional services of ArtéQuesta to guide you into the remarkable world of investment-grade diamonds as an asset class and transfer of wealth.

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