Investment in Fine Art

The most important element necessary for a successful investment acquisition is to execute proper due diligence to ensure the luxury asset is:

Transactable at any major bank

Properly authenticated and/or certified

Documented properly to close at escrow

As art has matured to become a mainstream asset class, more families are considering an investment in art as a storehouse of wealth. As an adjunct to both a current long-term financial growth plan and an optimal way to transfer wealth to heirs, art as an investment has become critical when broadening investment portfolios.

Additionally, with current changes in global financial markets, storing currency in art enables individuals and families to move assets easily from country to country as the art moves among secure and bonded storage or showroom facilities. With a wide range of pricing and many options for various tastes, there are many excellent reasons to invest in art as a hard asset.

However, in today’s art market (full of intermediaries who are unable to fulfill due diligence requests or who are not professionally qualified to execute due diligence procedures in the world of fine art), collectors, investors, family offices and investment banks have become even more cautious when artwork transactions are presented. Moreover, ensuring the artwork is authentic and viable for trade is the key to completing a successful transaction. In essence, “viable for trade” means that the artwork has all the proper documentation needed at closing to be processed by any major financial institution.

Invest with ArtéQuesta

ArtéQuesta performs proper professional due diligence to ensure that artwork is in fact viable for trade. CEO Rayah Levy, an established and well-respected International Art Market Expert, works with a long- established and trusted team of experts around the globe to ensure every detail is correct and documentable.

This formidable team uses expertise, experience, and professional resources to assist major banks, financial institutions, government agencies, insurance companies and private clients to provide proper documentation for both buyer and seller to ensure artwork can be legitimately purchased and sold. Services provided include but are not limited to verification of provenance documents, provenance history evaluation, authentication review, and organizing information between parties involved.

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