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Welcome to ArtéQuesta. It is an honor to have you here with us. As the Founder and CEO of ArtéQuesta, building an art investment company was a passion born from a deep love of art and a desire to help humankind.

Art is the oldest form of commerce in recorded human history, from Paleolithic man to the robust auction houses of today. Art is traded around the world regardless of the global economy, and has always been a form of trade. It has value beyond the explainable, and it is priceless in terms of our cultural heritages.

ArtéQuesta was born for the union of both art and market, for art’s intrinsic and humanistic value to man and womankind and the narrative it captures of who we are and what we believe; and for market, to hold and trade value in objects that matter and have value. ArtéQuesta was created to help real people invest in art – whether they are exploring art as an investment for the first time, or are seasoned investors, all the while becoming part of something bigger by doing so.



Rayah Levy

Rayah Levy is a leading international art market expert, curator, art lecturer, and cultural conservator who’s had the privilege of advising artists and fine art collectors across the globe. Her experience in the art market has culminated into an extensive knowledge and ability to grasp the value of artwork, which greatly contributes to her expertise in building diverse, investment-grade art portfolios for individuals, corporations and art collectors alike.


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